Certificate Summary

HCIE-Cloud Certification is an ICT converged certification, which validates the expert-level knowledge and skills required to plan, design, optimize and troubleshoot ICT Cloud computing solutions.

HCIE-Cloud covers but is not limited to:
How to plan, design, optimize and troubleshoot of Huawei Server Virtualization, Cloud Data Center, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Host Migration Service and Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

HCIE-Cloud certification shows proven comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei's cloud computing technology and strong ability to resolve complex technical problems.

With HCIE-Cloud certified engineers, enterprises are able to plan, design, optimize and troubleshoot Huawei cloud computing solutions to meet various application requirements in multiple scenarios. 

Certificate Prerequisites


Training Requirement

Qualification Requirement



At least 5 years work experience

Exams & Examination Fee

Exam Code

Exam Name

Exam Fee


HCIE-Cloud (Written)

300 USD


HCIE-Cloud (Lab)

1200 USD


HCIE-Cloud (Interview)



With the development of network technologies, the contents of Huawei Certification are also updated or optimized from time to time. Through re-certification, we can ensure the effectiveness of the certification. In addition, it indicates that Huawei Certification is keeping pace with the latest trend of videoconferencing technologies.

Re-Certification Method


Period of Validity

Date of Recertification

Recertification Exam

Start Date of  Validity


2 Years + 1 year grace period

Within 2 years

Written exam or Lab exam

Date of passing recertification exam

During the grace period

Written exam or Lab exam

Two years after the issue of the recertification result

After 3 years

Same as original certification

Date of passing recertification exam

Course Application